The Football Guru himself has successfully bet on football matches across the world for a number of years now. On the back of his success and adopting the same formula we have now formed a small team of professionals and together we analyse matches on a daily basis.

Not only does our ‘collective’ thinking and research give us an edge on matches, we also use sophisticated software to analyse worldwide betting trends on matches, up to 24 hours before kick-off. This gives us a very good insight to where the big money is going and these movements are often indicative of team news, any team unrest etc.

Our service

During the main British / European season we aim to provide between 10-20 selections per week and between the months of May – July up to about 10 a week. So far the average price for our selections is around evens. We use fixed odds, sometimes Asian handicaps and occasionally have an overs / under goals selections. We aim to send out our recommendations by text message up to 24 hours before kick-off, however often this can be around 2 hours before kick-off in order to fully utilise all of the information successfully.

Due to the high volume of selections we have no plans to publish each individual tip. As a member or trial member you will know how successful we have been.

Our monthly fee is £75 payable by standing order (so that you can control whether you wish to continue receiving our selections). This is excellent value for what we believe is the most comprehensive advisory service in the market place due to our expert analysts and technology systems that we have in place.

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